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​Sunday, April 22
11:00 A.M.

Shamanic Journeys
​Guest Speaker: Mikki Baloy

Shamanic journeys have been undertaken by healers and spiritual practitioners from around the world for thousands of years as a way to access wisdom and perspective.  After a brief opening talk by guest minister and shaman, Mikki Baloy, be guided in a journey and discover the natural healing insight that awaits you.
* Experience an ancient form of meditation, guided by the beat of a medicine drum
* Encounter an ally in "non-ordinary" reality* Receive guidance and insight.

Discussion and Q&A to follow.

Mikki Baloy has studied with shamans from around the world including Q’ero (prononouced keh-row) elders in Peru.  Her own approach to healing fuses indigenous traditions with yoga, Buddhism, and three decades of creative training as a performer, writer, and musician.  She was the Director of a 9/11 foundation in New York City, and helped create and maintain programs to assist many thousands of people—while undertaking her own healing journey.  She is the author of Hallowed Underground: Sacred Hope and Healing in Dark Times, which describes her recovery from PTSD, depression, divorce, and sexual assault, and she has been featured in two books about post-disaster resiliency. Mikki is a yoga teacher and minister of animism, and speaks from her own heart-centered experience.