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​​Sunday, April 22nd:

Shamanic Journeys

Guest Speaker: Mikki Balloy  


After the service:

LUUF Cleanup Day- Please Pitch In 

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​About LUUF

Our Vision

To build a spiritual community devoted to peace, social justice, the environment and philanthropy guided by our UU principles and traditions. LUUF will strive to provide spiritual guidance and growth for all generations and welcome and honor diversity. We work toward becoming a conscientious community with a progressive voice.

Mission Statement

LUUF’s mission is to seek and share the light of truth through the warmth of love in community as we work in behalf of our commitment to peace. 
We accomplish our mission by 

  • Building a UU community that empowers our fellowship creating lay-led clergy 
  •  Promoting, embracing, nurturing our UU principles and traditions in our relationships with one another, our communities and the world at large 
  • Welcoming and honoring diversity, and 
  • Promoting peace and social justice at home and abroad by serving with compassion and commitment