Sunday, Nov. 22nd  

11:00 A.M.      


Speaker: Carol Swift

LUUF president Carol Swift will discuss The Lenni Lenape, New Jersey's Original People during the Nov. 22 service.  Swift explains, "When Verrazano sailed up the New Jersey coast in 1524, the Lenni Lenape were the people watching him from the shore. According to some sources, "Lenni" means "real" or "original" and "Lenape" means "man" or "person." 

 Join us to celebrate the Lenni Lenape, or "original people," of New Jersey. We will look at their creation story, their history since European colonization and the controversies that surround their current status.  Carol Swift is an educator currently teaching English as a Second Language. Among other pursuits, she has been an actress/singer/dancer, a theater technician and a corporate benefits administrator. Some years ago, she began to explore Unitarian Universalism while looking for a group of religious people who were inclusive and welcoming to those with varying views. At present, she serves as president of Lakeland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Very well, thank you.  LUUF continued to support the Wayne Interfaith Network food pantry with donations of fresh organic produce, right up through the end of harvest season in early November..